Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebrities photoshopped

Most photos we see of celebs in ads and comercials are probably photoshopped so that they look better. Some people think it's alot funnier to make them look fat instead though.

 Pamela Anderson photoshopped

Carmen Electra photoshopped

Shakira photoshopped

Britney Spears photoshopped

Jessica Biel photoshopped

Anna Kournikova photoshopped

Jim Carrey photoshopped

Christina Aguilera photoshopped

Ashley Judd photoshopped

Jennifer Lopez photoshopped

Britney Spears photoshopped again

Claudia Schiffer photoshopped

Jennifer Aniston photoshopped

Mariska Hargitay photoshopped

Lindsay Lohan photoshopped

Jessica Alba photoshopped

Jennifer Lopez photoshopped again

Brad Pitt photoshopped

 Michael Schumacher photoshopped

Christina Applegate photoshopped

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