About T2BF

There are loads of sites on the web where you can find funny pictures and sexy babes. We are one of those sites. However, we try to show the most amazing and funniest pics and the sexiest chicks, and of course with witty comments. We also have a nice collection of lyrics, jokes, quotes and funny animated gif's.

If you got funny pics or something else funny that you feel should be posted on T2BF, then you can send it to us at t2bfmail@gmail.com

We try our best to entertain, and we update daily of course.

The hot chicks are usually in front of the camera, at least that's what we thought. Apparantly there ar lots of hot chicks behind the camera too, witch is a great idea for a photo-series of course, and what a great pic to start it all of with. More of that stuff in our main page.


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